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Resume of Sheila Francl



Msc. Sheila Francl


Searching for part-time job

Studied at:

Open University

Valkenburgerweg 177
Heerlen, 6419 AT Netherlands

Environmental Sciences

Masters degree august 2010


Title: Status of nutrition and health claims in Europe.
Authors: , , , , .
Special issue: "Polyphenols and Health", In: Archives of biochemistry and biophysics, , Vol. 501(1), p.6-15
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Description Functional foods are closely associated with claims on foods. There are two categories of claims on foods: nutrition claims and health claims. Health claims on (functional) foods must be scientifically substantiated. In December 2006, the European Union published its Regulation 1924/2006 on nutrition and health claims made on foods. As concerns scientific evaluation, the EU-project PASSCLAIM resulted in a set of criteria for the scientific substantiation of health claims on foods. The European Food Safety Authority provides the scientific advise to the European Commission for health claims submitted under Regulation 1924/2006 and has hitherto published several hundreds of opinions on health claims, part of which are positive, part which are negative and a few with insufficient evidence. Antioxidant claims have been approved for the general function of vitamins but not for direct health effects in humans. Another issue with claims is consumer understanding. Consumers can hardly distinguish between graded levels of evidence, and they do make only little or no distinction between nutrition and health claims. Consumers understand nutrition and health claims different from scientists and regulators. Therefore, innovation in industry can readily proceed via approved nutrition claims and approved health claims. The market and the shelves in the stores will not be empty; rather they will look different in the years to come.
Publisher: Elsevier Inc
DOI: 10.1016/j.abb.2010.04.012

Lives at:

Zoetermeer, Zuid Holland, Netherlands

About Sheila Francl

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Education and training
  • 1974-1980 Havo 5
  • 1981 Type Certificate
  • 1983-1984 Hague Social Academy
  • 1984-1985 Cultural anthropology RUL
  • 1985 Gardening with CBB in Rijswijk
  • 1986 Course word processing system WP / PCW 8256
  • Application Course types Randstad; 200 ipm
  • P5020 word processing course at Randstad
  • 1998 Course word processing WP 6.0 for Windows
  • Word for Windows
  • Excel
  • 2001 foundation program (propedeuse) Nutrition and Toxicology at the Open University
  • 2010 Master Environmental Sciences
Courses Open University
  • Introduction to Computer Science
  • Visual Programming with Java ™
  • Object Oriented Programming with Java
  • Databases
  • Interactive multimedia
  • Mathematics 1, functions, and differential calculus
  • Wiskunde2, Integral calculus and differential equations
  • XML and Web services
  • Basic course in environmental science
  • Portraits of food
  • Orientation course science
  • food and energy
  • Nutrition and health
  • Physics
  • Defense systems
  • Chemistry, from analysis to synthesis
  • Food Intake and Energy Expenditure
  • First level practicum
  • World Food Production
  • Form and function in biology
  • Behavioural Biology
  • Physiology, adaptation and environment
  • Human anatomy
  • Soil and Environment
  • Organ Physiology
  • Psychology 1a
  • Environmental Health
  • Clinical psychology
  • General toxicology 1
  • Biological Psychology and Experimental Psychology
  • Introduction to health psychology
  • Neuro Behavioral toxicology and addiction
  • Modern biotechnology in food production
  • Writing in study and profession
  • General toxicology 2: effects and applications
Massive Open Online Courses (Moocs)
  • Coursera December 2013 The New Nordic Diet - from Gastronomy to Health (distinction)
  • Coursera March 2014 Programming Mobile Applications for Android Handheld Systems (distinction)
  • Udacity December 2013 Web Development
  • Udacity Interactive 3d Graphics With Highest Distinction
  • Coursera May 2014 Web Application Architectures (with distinction)
  • Coursera July 2014 Pattern-Oriented Software Architectures: Programming Mobile Services for Android Handheld Systems
  • Coursera September 2014 Programming Cloud Services for Android Handheld Systems
  • Coursera November 2014 An Introduction to Interactive Programming in Python
  • Coursera December 2014 Terrorism and Counterterrorism: Comparing Theory and Practice
  • Coursera December 2014 The Age of Sustainable Development
  • edX March 2015 edX Honor Code Certificate for Introduction to Nutrition – Food for Health
  • Coursera April 2015 Configuring the World: A Critical Political Economy Approach March 2015 edX Honor Code Certificate for Introduction to Nutrition – Food for Health
  • edX May 2015 edX Honor Code Certificate for Programming with C#
  • Coursera May 2015 Beginning Game Programming with C#
  • Coursera May 2016 "Introduction to Game Development" (verified certificate)
  • edX July 2015 "Learn HTML5 from W3C"
  • edX January 2016 "HTML5 Part 2: Advanced Techniques for Designing HTML5 Apps"
  • edX January 2016 "Nutrition and Health Part 2: Micronutrients and Malnutrition"
  • edX February 2016 "Mobile Application Experiences Part 1: From a Domain to an App Idea"
  • edX Honor Code Certificate for Introduction to Programming with Java - Part 1: Starting to Program in Java
  • edX April 2016 "Introduction to Programming with Java Part 2: Writing Good Code" (verified certificate)
  • Coursera July 2015 Chemicals and Health Johns Hopkins University Grade Achieved with Distinction
  • edX August 2015 Honor Code Certificate for Humanity and Nature in Chinese Thought
  • NB. Futurelearn does not give out free certificates
  • Futurelearn September 2015 "Challenging wealth and income inequality"
  • Futurelearn October 2015 "Begin Programming: Build Your First Mobile Game"
  • Futurelearn March 2016 "3D Graphics for Web Developers"
  • Futurelearn July 2016 eHealth: Combining Psychology, Technology and Health
Work experience
  • 1980 Holiday job ASB, packaging and stickering records and books for library
  • Stage 1984 JMW
  • 1986 Working for employment agency "Swem", landscaping, delivering flyers about garbage collection days, maintenance of greenery in dunes.
  • Employment agency "Randstad", typist.
  • Computertypist (Wang) at "Nuffic"
  • 1992 Telefoniste / receptionist at "Promtec"
  • 1998 Assistant for lending at library Zoetermeer
  • 2005 - 2007 Freelance web designer freelancer in my own company Shelagh Web
Volunteer work

Collecting money for: animals, heart foundation, fish ponds in Haiti, asthma fund.

Dutch language courses for immigrants. Meetings in community center, coffee pouring. Cleaning pens in animal shelter.

Excavations archaeological finds and processing. Gardening with adventure playground. Cycling lessons to foreign women.

Helping to draw up the program for the political party the "Greens", distributing leaflets, putting up posters for the election campaign.

Computer classes for foreign women.

Hobbies and interests

reading, being busy with the computer (such as internet, design, programming, clubs, blogging, gaming)

yoga, painting, swimming, jogging, traveling, photography, meditation, homeopathy, fitness

Lessons followed - ballet (jazz, classical, modern) dance class, piano, guitar, drawing, horseback riding, skiing, acupuncture, aikido, judo, tennis, roller skating, inline skating, tai chi

Swimming certificates - A, B, Basis, swimming ability and 2 swimming skills 1 and 2 for snorkeling and 1 for ball game

  • Languages: English well; French, German: somewhat; Hebrew only reading
  • Experience with: Office, Windows, Adobe Studio 8, Wordpress, Eclipse, Android Studio, Aptana Studio, Android Development, WAMP server
  • Knowledge of HTML, CSS, XML, (my)SQL, JAVA, php, jsp, javascript, C#, Python 2.7, Bootstrap


I am continuing to learn Blender, Unity and Unreal and interested in Virtual reality and Augmented reality

I'm following a course in three.js and want to make a new three.js page soon which will replace this page completely

for the moment I can only just show you this little fun exercise that I learned from the course of Bruno Simon Portfolio

A little game

Play a little game

game in html5

This game is a variant of a game made by Karsten Øster Lundqvist in the class from Futurelearn.
I adapted the android app game code (with some variation on the original game)using the techniques from the Edx class about html5 from Michel Buffa so it can be played inside a webpage.


Play a little game Unity3d rollerball game

Most of the games I made in the course "Introduction to Game Development" from Coursera about unity3d don't work anymore in current browsers so I removed the links.

Simple webgl planet earth Planet

Video with control

Controlling a video with links. Rumdeal is the start of a game video that I made for youtube of my quest in runescape. Not suitable for all browsers